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Due to its all-year-round warm climate and beautiful beaches the Costa Blanca provides great opportunities for fun and leisure activities. Its fresh, clean air makes it perfect for the lovers of hiking, golf and other relaxing pastimes and its beaches allow the more adventurous to explore the many water sport activities it has to offer.
Here is just a selection of the most popular…



Spain is a leading golf destination in Europe. Thousands of amateurs and professionals choose it to enjoy this sport in unbeatable conditions.

Not to mention because of the climate its possible play all year round without having to worry about the cold or rain. The Mediterranean regions of Catalonia, Valencia and Murcia have mild temperatures in winter... therefore, it guarantees a very long golf season.

With Spain very different golf courses throughout the whole country you will be able to find one that satisfies your particular requirements. They are also situated in lovely locations, some with views overlooking the sea, in rural areas and amidst mountains adding to the whole experience.

Professionally Spain hosts many international offering many options for any amateur or first-time golfer. The courses available suit many different levels so despite your handicap you will be well catered for.


If your passion is sailing, the Costa Blanca is for you. The beautiful coastline, the numerous marinas and Mediterranean coastline offer perfect conditions for year-round sailing in Spain.

The Costa Blanca is home to over 20 marinas and harbours and more than 9,000 moorings. In addition to traditional sailing there are an abundance of catamaran and pleasure cruise excursions. Sailing in Spain is an experience not to be missed and one you will not forget.

The port of Torrevieja is particular impressive and beats even the ports of Alicante, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca, Marseille itself, Civitavechia from near Rome and Istanbul. With over 2150 moorings from owners around the world and a wide variety of his yachts this port offers the best value for their moorings with excellent facilities.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Spain is one of the best destinations for horse riding holidays thanks to its incredible landscapes and long history of horsemanship.

Discover the long tradition of horse riding in Spain along and its own breed of horses unique to the country. Spain allows you to discover its beautiful landscapes and beaches on horseback. With a variety of ways that will suit all individual tastes and experience. So whether you an experienced rider or a novice there are plenty of equestrian centres and planned excursions for you to enjoy.



Spain is one of the foremost cycling countries in Europe, where cycling is a serious sport and a relaxing pastime.

Cycling is a popular competitive sport in Spain where over 5,000 annual cycling races and events are staged at all levels throughout the country. Many of these professional and include the “Vuelta de España”, the third most important world cycle race after the tours of France and Italy tour of Spain.

There are plentiful opportunities for cyclists in Spain. Cycling holidays are available all over the mainland and islands, giving you a chance to get away into the sun. In most cases they’re also excellent value for money.

Hot Air Balloon
Balloon Flights

Up, up and away in a beautiful balloon.

What a wonderful way to see the landscapes of Spain and an adventure not to be missed. Enjoy a bird's eye view of the cities, Mediterranean and natural beauty of the country whilst enjoying the serenity and pleasure of floating to the rhythm of the wind.

You could book a romantic flight with a picnic and cava to toast your special day flying high above the Alicante region.

You could join a standard flight or book your own flight for up to eight people to celebrate a special occasion.You can also ask about made-to-measure flights if there is a particular area you want to visit.

It’s fun for all the family and equally for a romantic occasion never to be forgotten. There are so many options available, a standard flight, a group booking to celebrate a special occasion and more.

Discover Spain today from a different view point.

Water Sports

With more than 3,000 miles of coastline, 60 Islands and Blue Flag beaches a plenty, Spain really is the perfect choice for water sports enthusiasts of all levels.

If you enjoy the sun, sea, and sand but want more than sun bathing and toping up your tan then Spain is a perfect destination for you.

There are endless water sports for both children and adults. In addition to the more traditional sports like water-skiing and wind surfing why not dabble in some alternatives like, stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing, parasailing and snorkelling. There’s also fun for all the family with inflatable playgrounds and of course the good old favourite “The banana boat”


Thanks to Spain's pleasant climate, you can go diving all year round. Spain has over ten Marine Reserves, coasts that are washed by the warm, clear water and exceptionally clean beaches

There are many diving centres that organise diving courses for different levels and specialities, they take care of permits required and boat transfers to your chosen coastal destination. In addition to this you can also find plenty of diving clubs that organise activities, underwater archaeology seminars and underwater photography.

Discover bays, coves, caverns, tunnels, walls, whilst encountering a variety of marine life such as barracuda, octopus, moray eels, jacks, grouper, wrasse, goatfish, cardinal fish, damsel fish, blennies, gobies, starfish, and sea urchins.

Spain offers top quality scuba diving and great value prices in an environment that is second to none.

Surf boarding

Spain is considered one of the best surfing locations in Europe.

You will be surprised to see a great variation from the north to the south. The most famous spot being Mundaka in the Basque Country.

Spain’s surf seasons run from autumn until spring, in line with the rest of Europe.

The surf season in Spain runs from Autumn through Spring. September to April in line with the rest of Europe where you see incredibly consistent surf, and heavy tubing waves. The big lows tracking across up in northern Europe send the swells southwards hitting the Spanish coastline with force all winter and bringing better quality swells.

This really is a country that offers everything to all surfers at any level!


No matter where you are on vacation, in Spain, you will have easy access to a tennis court. Tennis is a very popular sport in Spain, and millions follow and have followed the fortunes of past and current Spanish players such as Rafael Nadal, "Arantxa" Sánchez Vicario and David Ferrer.

Here is considered one of the best Tennis playing nations in the World and is certainly among the list of top sports in Spain.

Fancy something different? Adapted from Tennis and extremely popular is Paddle and takes place on a smaller court with walls, which are played off, just like squash. It’s not for the unfit or faint hearted as its fast .

And then there is Pilota or Pelota, spelt differently depending on where you are in Spain. This game is reported to be the fastest ball game in the world, expect the ball to travel up to anything like 200kmh.

So, if you decide to venture beyond tennis and give these two other versions a go be prepared, where a helmet as it super-FAST!