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If this is your first road trip in a motorhome then we advise you to make full use of the campsites available on route. Once you have gained more experience then you may want to be more independent on your next vacation. For your first time campsites will save you a lot of hassle, stress and frustration whilst getting familiar with a Motorhome and the day to day maintenance that comes with a vacation on the road.

You may have seen many Motorhomes parked up by the beach or in similar key locations; however the majority of these at some point will be asked to move on. It is therefore best to do a little ground work instead of taking that chance which later you could regret and could potential cause disruption to schedule. You can find plenty free designated parking areas available as opposed to campsites on available apps and websites, see “Really useful Road Trip Apps and Websites” for more details.

Remember also, if you have made an error in judgement and find yourself driving into the night without a campsite nearby then look out for large car park or gas stations. These are well lit clean areas with other vehicles for company. This is the sensible option, never drive tired, pull over and rest. Be sure to park nose out and allow plenty of space, this will give you quick and easy exit if you want to make an early start or simply do not feel comfortable and want to leave at any time.

Whilst you have other options available to you we feel they are best left for the more experienced as it can be a bit daunting first time around. Not only are you getting to know a new type of vehicle that also drives completely different to what you are used to you are probably venturing into places you are not familiar with. Why not cut yourself some slack, reduce some pressure and choose the campsite option. If this is a family vacation then campsites will make your life much easier and leave you with more quality time to spend with the family.

The good news is that they are not expensive either; expect to pay between 15-30 euros per night depending on facilities and time of year. This price will normally be for a good size pitch and include shower and toilet facilities. Most will also have use of a pool, bar facilities and a convenience shop. If you want to pay a little extra then there are some that offer spa and gym facilities by day and by night good quality entertainment and kid’s activities.

Overall they all tend to be very reasonable priced for what they include and mostly all very well maintained. For extra peace of mind and safety you will also find that majority have helpful and knowledgeable staff and on site security.

Don’t be eluded to think that by rule these will be “stuck in the middle of nowhere” this really isn’t the case. You can choose a type of location that will best fit your type of vacation. These can be anything from busy beachside resorts to quiet country retreats and more.

You also have the advantage of being able to use your Motorhome for days out, knowing that once you have arranged your cooking and dining area this can remain where it is for the duration of your stay. There’s no packing up only to have to set up again each time you decide to go out on the road for the day.

Campsites are really great for family vacations…
The kid’s will have plenty to do with all the amenities on offer while the adults can relax and enjoy some Al fresco dining and cool refreshments.