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When you pick up your Motorhome we will give you a Full Tuition however after that you’re on your own… or are you?
No, we will be here for you 24/7 online and on the telephone.
Before you drive off…
Make sure that…
  • All compartment doors are locked, beds are up and Kitchen equipment stowed
  • The fresh water hose and dump hose are disconnected and stored
  • You empty all waste tanks in order not to carry any unnecessary weight
  • Remember to check indicators on control panel for toilet cassette for waste water full status
  • You have adequate fresh water supply until your next stopover
    Tip – don’t carry too much water, it is heavy and will add to your maximum load capacity
  • Roof vents are closed and blinds and mosquito nets are not covering the windows
  • You have adequate fuel until the next gas station
  • Your side mirrors properly aligned
  • All gas bottles are turned off
Whilst driving…
Remember to…
  • Drive at a steady speed, this will be more economic on fuel
  • Stay centred in your lane
  • Be prepared to encounter crosswinds, you are driving a High-Profile vehicle
  • Take things slow, you are getting used to a new vehicle and your reactions times will be slower
At Stopovers and Campsites…
Make sure you…
  • Ask for the electric to be connected
  • Ask for a full hook up (electric, water and dump facility) If you are staying longer than a day
    Tip – this will allow you to charge the vehicles battery and run the vehicles appliances without draining the 12-volt vehicle battery
  • Fill up with fresh water, some pitches have water, some are at a central point, ask at reception
    Chock the van up so as its level
    Tip – use a water bottle on the table; when it doesn’t roll one way or the other then you will know it’s about right.
  • Remember when taking the awning out to peg it down. One strong gust of wind and off it will go. This may be harmful to people nearby and could potentially cause major damage to the vehicle.
  • Get the fridge on as soon as the electric is connected, it will take roughly 12 hours before its completely cold.
  • Remember that the black water is the toilet cassette and the grey water is the waste from bathroom and kitchen.
    Tip – try to use the campsites bathroom and toilet facilities as often as possible this will reduce the number of times these will need emptying
  • Remember to empty both before returning van
Day to day simple maintenance advice and tips that will ensure your Motorhome vacation is hassle free.
Don’t forget to take a look at our FAQ section for more information.