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Whether it’s during the initial planning of your vacation or while on the road never underestimate the value of a good app or website.

Choosing a Motorhome vacation allows you the flexibility to change your plans, your route and even your destination unexpectedly. You may have stumbled on an unexpected place of interest, wanted to spend a little more time somewhere, couldn’t miss that local fiesta or just thought let’s put the brakes on and chill.

The apps and websites available now allow you to stay in touch on the move, find a campsite at short notice, suggest safe overnight parking for an unplanned late night stop or find you an alternative place to stay if your planned location wasn’t quite as the brochure described it!

Not only can these get you out of a tight spot they can also enhance your vacation and save you money. They suggest local amenities; tourist attractions you may not have known were close by and Motorhome friendly gas stations to save you all the unnecessary driving around and anxiety of finding somewhere to fill up before you run out!

Here are our favourite apps, definitely worth the download!

Park4Night – Personal recommendations of places to rest, stay and enjoy for Motorhome and camping users.
Caravanya - campsites, car parks available in nine languages!
CaraMaps - service areas, parking, campsites and places to stay.

All available to download in Google Play

Don’t forget to check out this website!  - campsites, places to stay and discover

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