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Do I need a special driver's license to drive in Spain?
You need to be of a minimum age of 26yrs old, have held your license for a minimum of four years and without penalties for the last two years.

Can a child seat or booster seat be fitted to the Motorhome?
Yes all seats are compatible using a normal seatbelt function.

Can we bring our own child seat or booster seat when we hire a Motorhome?
Due to hygiene reasons and the current situation with COVID we ask that you provide your own.


Will my Motorhome come with a hair dryer?
On board you will find a 240v Hair Dryer.

Will my Motorhome have an iron and ironing board?
We do not supply these as most campsites will have these facilities.

Will my Motorhome have a tow-bar?
The Benimar Mileo 224 has a tow bar for trailers of up to 750kg when loaded.

Will my Motorhome have a power socket?
Our Motorhomes have 230v sockets and 2v USB points throughout.

Will my Motorhome have wheelchair access?
NO, are vehicles are not suitable for mobility passengers.


What is included in my Motorhome hire rate?
It is equipped internally and externally all equipment required for a standard vacation. There are no hidden extras; the daily rate even includes insurance. For Full Model Specifications click here.

What is the minimal hire period?
The minimum hire period is three days.

How are the rental (hire) days charged?
For every 24-hour period.

Do you offer long hire discounts?
Contact us directly to discuss.


Can I change the Motorhome that I originally booked?
Yes, with a six week period of notice and subject to availability of existing model and additional charges. A change of model may be required to accommodate the same required hire dates.

What happens if I cancel my booking - what are the cancellation fees?
Yes, subject to availability and additional charges.

Can I change the return date during my hire?
Yes, however no refund is offered for an early return.


What is included in my daily hire charge?
Everything comes as standard on each model, NO hidden extras and NO hidden costs. The daily hire charge also covers your insurance.

Are there any additional fees for collecting my Motorhome on a national holiday?
No, we would just need to arrange this prior to pick up. We can also accommodate out of hours pick up and drop off and no extra charge.

What payment is required to secure my booking?
We require FULL payment at the time of booking.

When do I settle the full amount of my hire period?
At the time of booking.


What is vehicle liability?
This is included in your hire insurance and helps pay for the other driver's expenses if you cause a car accident.

What is the liability deposit for hiring a Motorhome?
The amount is 500 EUROS and we ask that this is paid in cash upon pick up of your vehicle. A receipt for this and copies of the hire contract will be given to you in person.


Does every driver have to be there on pick up of the Motorhome?
No, however we do find that drivers benefit from our vehicle demonstration prior to departing on your journey.

What time should we arrive to collect our Motorhome?
On the day of pick up you can come anytime we just ask that we arrange a time prior to arrival.

What should I expect on arrival?
If you have not hired a Motorhome before we would suggest that you arrive 30 – 45 minutes prior to your desired departure time. This will allow time for a vehicle demonstration, explanation of all functions including daily maintenance and safety.

If needed can I pick up after hours?
Yes with prior arrangement and no extra charge.


When do I need to return my Motorhome?
No later than the agreed date and time on the hire contract.

Do I have to return my Motorhome with a full gas bottle and fuel tank?
Gas is included in your daily hire charge. As per your contract your vehicle is supplied with a Full fuel tank and must be returned with one.

Do I have to empty the waste water and toilet?
Yes the vehicle must be returned with these emptied and cleaned as per our Terms and Conditions.

What do we need to do prior to returning our Motorhome?
Ensure the vehicle is clean and tidy inside, all cutleries / stoneware and kitchen utensils are cleaned and returned to its original storage area and the vehicle externally is clean.

There is an option to purchase a cleaning package for €150.00 should you prefer, please specify at the time of booking.


What do I do if I have an accident in my Motorhome?
Please refer to the information on board, the accident procedure. Ensure that the damage is recorded and documented appropriately and that the details of the incident and other parties involved are obtained at the scene. Please notify the necessary services immediately, Insurance, police, emergency services etc.

What if my Motorhome needs repairs?
In the unlikely event of a breakdown or mechanical issue please contact us immediately for assistance and instructions. A printed version of these are available in the vehicle, the location of which we will show when you pick up the vehicle.

Do you provide assistance while we are on the road?
Yes, we are here to make your journey as pleasurable as possible so please contact us anytime.


Do I need to stay at campsite/holiday park?
No, this is a personal choice however we would advise for the less experienced. Please see Travel Tips for more detailed information.

Do we have to book campgrounds in advance of our arrival?
For more information on Campsite etiquette please see Travel Tips


How often should we dump our waste?
On the vehicle control panels and the toilet itself you will see indicators that will tell you when full. When full you empty.